Community of God's Love

As an immigrant from South Africa, I can speak to the hospitality of UPC.  Here I experience the tremendous gift to be part of a community of faith who values you for who you are, and treasures all people as beloved children of God.

-Andries Coetzee, Pastor

Spiritual Home

We came here at a time of loss and instantly found a spiritual home where love, acceptance and support poured over us. My wife and I have felt a real sense of place, family at UPC.

-Jacob Tingle, member

Welcoming Church

I think UPC does a really great job of intentionally being involved in activities that do make people feel welcome, especially from the LGBT community. I feel UPC values my perspective and spiritual journey as a gay person.

-Jake Thielen, member

Authentic Community

What I like about UPC is that we often see community as outside our walls so hospitality in this congregation is a much richer experience.

-Nicole Foy, member

Learning and Social Justice

The SoL Center is an interfaith education center committed to building social justice and peace.

-Dhawn Martin, SoL Center Director