Director of Choral Music

University Presbyterian Church in San Antonio, TX is actively seeking candidates for the position of Director of Choral Music.  We seek a person who will work collaboratively with the Pastor, the organist, the Director of Children’s Music, church staff, volunteers, and choral scholars to provide outstanding music which supports worship, serving as a spiritual leader in the church, and exemplifying the spirit of Jesus Christ in relationship with the choir and congregation.

University Presbyterian Church welcomes people of every age, sex, race, color, ethnicity, culture, immigration status, political affiliation, economic condition, physical or mental ability, marital status, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression.  We are a community of faith where honest questions are valued and faith is considered a process.

The Welcome Statement of University Presbyterian Church guides the life, work, and worship of our congregation and staff.  Music is an integral component of the life of University Presbyterian Church.  Together with the pastor and other members of the music staff, the Director of Choral Music serves as a spiritual leader in the church through the music ministry, exemplifying the spirit of Jesus Christ in relationship with the choir and congregation and demonstrating a sense of collegiality, flexibility, and ease in communicating with the pastor and staff.

The Director of Choral Music will have a strong commitment to provide outstanding music support to worship, will know sacred music literature, will seek and present music which is inclusive in its language, and will enable others in the music ministry to learn and grow as they present their best contributions to this ministry.

It is understood that a variety of traditions and styles in instrumental and choral music is appropriate and desirable for worship services, as is the use of a variety of instruments. In each worship experience, the desired outcome is that the music, the instrumentation, the texts, and the message support the common theme and contribute to the spiritual experience.

The Director of Choral Music is responsible to the Session through the Personnel Committee and is supervised by the Pastor, as head of staff.


  1. Strong Spiritual Foundation: Shares in the mission and values of University Presbyterian Church by expressing its openness and acceptance through Music Ministry which enhances progressive Christianity.
  2. Ministry through Music: Understands that the primary purpose of music in worship is to support and enhance the service and congregational singing. Has an enthusiastic commitment to the ministry of music and worship as a means of glorifying God.
  3. Team Player with Self-Starter Abilities: Has the ability to think and work independently within the boundaries of a collaborative, team-oriented environment.   This is demonstrated in planning and cooperation with music and other staff in order to enhance worship, staff relationships, and volunteers’ experience.
  4. Management Skills & Organizational Skills: Is organized, motivational and able to implement and execute ideas; plans in a timely manner. Capable of long range planning and maintains an organized music calendar. Responds appropriately to occasional musical requests.
  5. Flexibility: Recognizes that for an effective ministry, there will be situations that call for totally different actions and responses than planned; changes course if necessary; does things that are different because they are needed.
  1. Support of Diversity: In the spirit of the UPC Welcome Statement, treats all people   with respect; values diverse perspectives; provides a supportive choir environment;  shows sensitivity to individual differences; recognizes differences as opportunities to  learn and gain by working together; values and encourages unique skills and talents; seeks and considers diverse perspectives and ideas.  Holds others accountable in a spirit of love.


Professional and Administrative

  1. To lead and coordinate with the organist; to supervise and coordinate with the Director of Children’s Music and others providing music in planning the overall music program, the music for each regular worship service, and special music for Advent, Christmas Eve, Holy Week, and other worship services as needed, in cooperation with the pastor.
  2. To coordinate choral scholars program, recruiting, auditioning, and supervising choral scholars.
  3. To provide guidance and support to other members of the music staff as needed.
  4. To assist the Worship and Arts Committee as a professional resource person.
  5. To supervise the Music Administrative Assistant in
  6. maintaining the choral music library (obtain, catalog, and repair music as needed).
  7. purchasing necessary music within the limits of the church budget.
  8. maintaining the music folders for members of the adult choir.
  9. compiling titles, composers, and texts of music to be included in service programs.
  10. To attend scheduled staff meetings, the annual staff retreat, and other leadership meetings when requested.
  11. To provide leadership for music activities beyond Sunday worship as needed or requested.
  12. To seek and coordinate musical enrichment opportunities for the choir and congregation (e.g., SoL Center offerings and other occasions allowing visiting vocal and instrumental musicians and interchanges of music within or outside the community).
  13. To assist in recruiting qualified substitutes during vacation periods.
  14. To work with the organist in overseeing regular or emergency maintenance needs of church instruments and communicating with the church administrative assistant to schedule the work needed.
  15. To collaborate with the music staff and pastor in choosing continuing education opportunities which will provide personal growth and enhance the overall music program.


  1. To recruit volunteer singers for the adult choir.
  2. To select, in consultation with the organist, soloists and instrumentalists for special services and programs.
  3. To be a spiritual and supportive pastoral presence in the lives of the choir.

Rehearsals and Worship Activities

  1. To prepare and conduct all regularly scheduled adult rehearsals and weekly worship presentations by the adult choir, making necessary preparations
  2. To schedule additional rehearsals, including those with soloists and/or instrumentalists, as needed.
  3. To implement and facilitate choral and instrumental music plans for special services including Advent/Christmas, Christmas Eve, and Holy Week.
  4. To select, prepare, and facilitate the presentation of a major musical work when appropriate.

Professional Growth

  1.  To review new musical releases and attend choral music reading sessions when possible to keep abreast of trends in church
  2. To participate in continuing education opportunities which provide enhancement for the overall music program.

Salary and Benefits exempt status

  1. Salary reviewed and recommended annually by the Personnel     Committee to the Session
  2. Four weeks’ vacation, including four Sundays
  3. Two Sundays sick leave per year
  4. All other leave will be considered personal leave and will be at the expense of the Director of Choral
  5. Continuing education time and budget as approved by the Session.

All staff members are subject to annual performance review by the pastor and the personnel committee, with input from others as mutually deemed appropriate.

Apply Here

Please send a letter of application and resume to the Rev. Andries J. Coetzee by email here, or by mail at University Presbyterian Church, 300 Bushnell Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212-5398