The Earthcare Committee was formed in order to put Stewardship of the Earth and Its Resources in place in tangible ways through our congregation. Our pastor made us aware of the efforts that PCUSA was making through its Earth Care Program and its Earth Care Application process..  The application process required that we look at our worship, facilities, education and outreach to see what practices we were currently following and what we might consider implementing to become more active in earth care and to work with others in this area. We were successful in our application and became certified as an Earth Care Congregation on March 15, 2020

The projects that we targeted in 2019 were the following:

  • Evaluating our current recycling program & encouraging compliance
  • Installing a bicycle rack
  • Adding earthworms to several flower beds
  • Installing a butterfly garden in the UPCC playground area by the SoL Center & Eco Centro
  • Supporting the Green ’19 courses & activities organized by the SoL Center
  • Discussing the City of San Antonio Climate Action Plan in Sunday School
  • Offering Lenten series & several adult Sunday School series on the Environment
  • Planting wildflower seeds in the fall in one flower bed
  • Supporting Facilities & Operation led efforts to replace all lighting on campus with LED lighting
Earth Care Congregation

We have many ideas for 2020 and would love for you to become part of the Earthcare Committee!

If you are interested in joining us, please contact Sandy Nicholson