Through a variety of activities and materials based on proven best practices for young children that emphasize concrete experiential learning, UPCC strives to meet the following goals for each child:

  • Foster a positive self-concept.
  • Develop social-emotional skills.
  • Encourage language and cognitive development.
  • Encourage children to think, reason, question, and experiment.
  • Encourage and demonstrate sound health, safety, and nutritional practices.
  • Enhance physical development and skills.
  • Encourage creative expression and appreciation for the arts.
  • Promote a respect for the cultural diversity of staff, children and their families.
  • Support early spiritual formation based on trust, concern for and acceptance of others.
  • Be responsive to individual family home values, beliefs, experiences and language as well as to the individual learning needs of all children.

Daily Program

The daily program is orderly, yet flexible, and is responsive to the needs and abilities of both the individual children and the group. Nature-inspired classrooms and playgrounds at UPCC are set up as learning centers with planned curriculum to promote:

  • Emergent literacy
  • Math, science and social studies concepts
  • Creativity and artistic expression
  • Dramatic play
  • Large and small motor development
  • Music and creative movement
  • Sensory exploration, and
  • Self-help skills