Dear UPC Community and Sojourners,

As the UPC Mission, Outreach, and Justice (MOJ) Committee and Session strive to realize the Matthew 25 commitment to dismantle structural racism within our church and the broader community, MOJ is sharing some reference materials that UPC Staff and members of our committee have found personally helpful in their quests to become antiracist and to participate in the Black Lives Matter movement. We have noted which resources have been specially recommended by a member of UPC Staff or one of the members of our committee, and we have included additional actions for your consideration. Feel free to peruse these resources as you feel led.

Books for Adults– Consider ordering from a Black-owned bookstore if you can!


Books for Children, as recommended by UPC Children Center Director, Cindi Catlin Gaskins– Consider ordering from a Black-owned bookstore if you can!

Articles & Websites-


Video & Podcast-

  • The University of Texas at Austin’s Division of Diversity and Community Engagement program’s “History of the Black Experience,” by Dr. Leonard N. Moore. Recordings found here. [**Gail Raney’s pick.]
  • Brené Brown’s podcast conversations with authors and activists, on “Unlocking Us.” [Warning: some moderate cursing is involved with these podcasts, which may not be suitable for all listeners.]  [**Melinda Louden’s pick.]
    • Brené with Austin Channing Brown, on I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness. (listen here)
    • Brené with Ibram X. Kendi on How to Be an Antiracist. (listen here)
    • Brené has also curated a list of antiracism resources, here.
  • “Living in My Skin” Documentary: Chronicling life as a Black man and boy in San Antonio [**Andy Hull’s pick.]


You can also:

If you wish to join MOJ’s efforts or to add a resource that you have found specially helpful, please send a note for consideration to our co-chairs: