We invite you to familiarize yourself with the safety protocols and practices in preparation for in-person worship. With the necessary upgrades in the Sanctuary, we can now more safely accommodate worshippers and have the technology to simultaneously connect in-person and virtually. Yet, as we continue to face the challenges of a pandemic, we will gather with an abundance of caution and numerous safety precautions in place to ensure a safe, as well as worshipful, place.

Safety Precautions for the 10:00 am in-person service in the Sanctuary.

    • If you can, please be mindful of where you park to ensure ample parking for visitors and siblings who need to park close to the church.
    • After your arrival, please join us at one of the welcome tables at the northeast and northwest (Bushnell side) of the sanctuary to get a required disposable nametag.
    • While in the sanctuary, masks are required. The correct way to wear your mask is to cover your mouth and nose.
    • We are reducing the worship capacity with overflow rooms in the Continuing Education building, where we will stream the service, but do so in community. Every other pew in the sanctuary will be blocked off, and we ask worshippers to distance according to friendship pods or family. The ushers will do their best to be flexible in accommodating you, but please know that seating cannot be reserved; some space will be set aside for visitors.
    • Worshippers will enter through Narthex doors and exit through all four exit doors, including the southwest and southeast Community Room doors that are behind the liturgical space in the front of the Sanctuary.
    • There will be no bulletins or hymnals and bibles in the pew. The service will be projected on the wall underneath the cross and a digital bulletin will be made available. You can bring your own bible and hymnal or download it digitally as the Presbyterian Hymnal, Glory To God, is available on the app store of your choice.
    • The offering will be collected at the four exit doors after worship at the conclusion of the service.
    • After worship, you are invited to connect with the worshipping community in the patio area adjacent to the columbarium.

Changes in the Order of Worship

    • The service will be roughly 45 minutes long.
    • At this time, we will not physically pass the peace or the attendance pads, but encourage you to take note of fellow worshippers sitting around you. We promote non-physical contact while greeting one another in community before and after the service.
    • During hymns, the Choral Scholars will lead us in singing, and you are invited to sing along with your masks in place.
    • During the first weeks, a pastoral prayer will be given without the traditional sharing of Joys & Concerns.

A lot of input and thought has gone into the formation of these guidelines. While we are doing our best to share detailed procedures of in-person gatherings, there are likely to be continuous updates.  Please visit your event on our calendar page for the most up-to-date information.  We appreciate your cooperation as we live together in honor of God and respect for one another.